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Your pictures on the web

These pictures have been given to the Webmaster, and, as promised can be viewed on this website. Some of the pictures have been drawn by Razzmatazz children, and some have been downloaded from the Stories Jesus Told series [on the right side of this page] and coloured by the children.

Just click on the titles below to see the picture galleries.

Easter 2011.

September 2010 - December 2010 .

David is Chosen to be King by Samuel.

The Story of The Good Samaritan.


14 September ~ Gunky Chicken and the Son Who Came Home
animated version ~ text only version

31 July ~ Punky Chicken and The Gifts
animated version ~ text only version

28 June ~ Munky Chicken and The Lost Sheep
animated version ~ text only version

25 May ~ Hunky Chicken and The Sower
animated version ~ text only version

25 April ~ Chunky Chicken and The Good Samaritan
animated version ~ text only version

The animated version requires Flash Player which can be dowloaded free by going to the Flash website. Use this link: Go to Macromedia's website