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Hunky Chicken and The Sower

"Hello again; I'm Chunky Chicken. I must tell you about something strange that happened to me a few weeks ago. Do you remember I said last time that we lived at Chickenley Infants School? Well, I was listening to some of the children who come to school here and they were saying that they had seen me on TV or the internet, or something. Does that mean I'm famous?"

"Speaking of the school, let's go up on the roof and I'll show you around. I'll get through the hole in the fence and meet you up there."

"That's better, you can see much more from up here. The big building over to my left is the school for the bigger children and on the other side of the playground is where they play football. The house on its own, near the goal is where Mr Tree the caretaker lives: we call him Paul. He's got a little girl called Apple who comes to see us sometimes, especially in the holidays when all the other children are not here. That road is Chickenley Lane and on the other side is the church, which is very busy on Sundays but seems empty the rest of the time. Those houses are where some of the school children live. You can't see where we live from here because the hut is too close to the school and we would have to get near to the edge of the roof."

Those are the shops and the Post Office with the letter box outside. And that's The Crown Hotel pub across the side road which is busy all the time and gets very noisy when we are trying to sleep at night. We wake up early in the morning and crow loudly to get our own back. Let's go back down to the hut and I'll tell you some more news. Race you down!

As Chunky Chicken landed, he didn't see his brother Hunky and skidded straight into him, knocking him backwards. "Hey! Steady on there, Chunky. You're going to hurt someone soon." Chunky apologised. "Hey everyone, this is my brother Hunky. I think I told you that when Hunky was hatched, Dad thought he was a turkey he was so large." Hunky looked round at Chunky, "Mum says your breakfast is ready. I've had mine, so do you want me to talk to the children while you eat yours?" "OK." said Chunky, "I am a bit hungry. I'll see you later. Bye everyone."

Hunky starts speaking, "Chunky was talking to me the other day about our family tree. He said that Dad had told him a bit about Grandad and Grandma. Dad said Grandad's name was Pop Corn and Grandma's was BarbieQ. Grandad and Grandma lived on a farm a few miles away from here, down the hill, where Chickenley Beck flows into the big river. Mum's dad, that's Gramps, is called Fowler and her Mum's name is Henrietta, but we call her Gran. Dad got most of his stories from Gramps. Last week, some of the school children came over with a teacher, Mr Tweedy, to sow some seeds in the vegetable plot on the other side of our fence. They were very excited and were expecting the seeds to grow straight away. Mr Tweedy explained that they will take a few weeks, that's if the birds don't eat them first. They even put up a scarecrow to frighten the birds. Munky and Gunky crept through the hole in the fence and tried eating some of the seeds, but they didn't taste nice. All that talk about sowing seeds reminds me of one of Jesus's stories that Dad told us."

Hunky wandered around as he continued, "The story is about a farmer who sowed his seed in a big field; much bigger than the vegetable plot. This farmer carried his seed in a big bag which he hung around his shoulder: they didn't have tractors then, so he had to sow it all by hand. He walked up and down the field and threw handfuls of seed every step, then when he got to the end of the field he turned round and walked back again, until he had covered the whole field."

"Because the farmer was throwing the seed, it landed all over the place. Some landed amongst the rocks where the soil hadn't been cleared properly and more landed on the path around the edge of the field. He didn't make a scarecrow like the school children did, and the birds came along and ate the seed that landed on the path. The seed that landed amongst the rocks started to grow, but because the soil was not good and deep, the roots could not go a long way down and when the sun shone and it got hot, the plants shrivelled up and died. Some seed grew really well, but so did the thistles, the bindweed and other weeds, and they took all the goodness from the soil and grew strong and they strangled the wheat the farmer had sown. A lot of the seed landed in the good soil where there weren't any weeds, so the wheat grew and grew. It grew so much the farmer ended up with a hundred times as much seed he started with."

Hunky just couldn't keep still. He was still talking too; "Jesus told his friends that his story had a special meaning: the same as his story about Christopher and the Good Samaritan. He told them to imagine the seed was like his words which were heard by everyone. Some people who heard his words remembered what he said for a short time but they were snatched away and forgottenl about. That is like the seeds which landed on the path and were eaten by the birds. Other people who heard what Jesus said, believed he was God's Son and asked him to forgive them for all the wrong things they had done. They grew strong in their belief and told others about Jesus, but because their belief was not deep rooted, these people's faith shrivelled and died like the seeds that landed in the rocky, shallow soil and they went back to being just like they were before they heard Jesus. Some people heard Jesus's words and believed him and it enabled them to live better lives. But they were worried about all the things like earning lots of money, and looking good in hip clothes and bling, and stuff. These people tried harder to make money and look good than they did to live their lives like Jesus wanted them to and it became much more important to them so they forgot Jesus and did their own thing. Just like the seeds that grew in good soil but were strangled by the weeds. Other people heard what Jesus said and believed he was God's Son, and if we believe and ask him to forgive us, he will. That means we will go to heaven. When we live the lives that Jesus wants us to, others will see how good it is and will want to be like Jesus too. So, just like the seeds that landed on the good soil grew and grew and gave the farmer a great harvest, so will we and more and more people will go to heaven."

Hunky explained that Mr O'Sullivan, the art teacher at the school, had drawn some more pictures to colour. "Follow me over the wall, he said, "and I'll show you". As he jumped over he was in too much of a hurry to spot Jacob the snail in the grass. "Ouch!" shouted Jacob as Hunky landed on him. " Hunky! I came over here for a bit of peace and quiet, and to look at these pictures. And the next thing I know - WAM! I thought I was dead meat." "I'm sorry Jacob. I was in a rush to show the children Mr O'Sullivan's pictures of the story I have been telling them."

You can see the pictures below. If you click on the pictures you will see bigger pictures which you can print and colour. They will take a moment to download and you will require Acrobat Reader on your computer. Return to the Razzmatazz viewers page for a quick link to the Acrobat website.

Don't forget, when you have coloured them, write your name and age in a corner and send them to the Webmaster at the church and he will put them on the website for you.


The sower sowing his seed by hand
The birds eat the seed on the path
The sun shrivels the seed growing in rocky soil
The growing seed being strangled by brambles
The good seed thriving in good soil
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Pictures drawn by David O'Sullivan.