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My name is Lucy Spence; I currently live with my husband Oli in South Ruislip. We have recently moved and got married in September 2010.

I was born in Kent, but moved to Warrington where I grew up. My family are Christians and I have been going to church since I was little.

While growing up I loved Christian events, like Spring Harvest, and enjoyed attending them with my Youth Group. When I look back I can see how God has been guiding me. One particular incident that stands out, is while I was on a gap year before University I decided to quit my job so I could go and volunteer at Spring Harvest. This wasn’t like me at all but I really wanted to go. The first day I was there I found out that the shop where I had been working, was held up with a shot gun on the shift that I should have been working. I won’t go into details but I feel very blessed that God is looking after me. When I came back from Spring Harvest I was baptized.

I then went onto University at Bath Spa and have a degree in Performing Arts (specialising in Performance for Live and Recorded Media). The summer after I finished I didn’t really have many plans but my Dad broke his leg which meant he couldn’t go to Soul Survivor with my Mum so I ended up going with her instead. After much encouragement I had a look around the stalls of the year out projects.


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Youth Worker

I came across the stand for XLP (which is an Urban Christian Youth Work Charity) and had a chat with them. I said "Can you use me and the skills I got from University?" They said yes and off I went. I ended up in East London based at St Paul’s Shadwell where I helped run their youth work and worked within a team in the Borough to help set up work in schools. I liked it so much that I stayed for a second year. Over these two years I realised I have a passion for youth work and after doing a course called ‘Love is a Verb’ I wrote my vision statement which in short is to be a friend to young people and show them the love of Jesus.

This is how I’ve ended up at South Ruislip following the path that God has set out before me and I’m very blessed to be starting afresh with Oli who has a passion for young people and children’s work too.