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Chunky Chicken and The Good Samaritan

Hello, I'm Chunky Chicken. If you have been to Razzmatazz, you will know my sister, Funky Chicken - that's right, she's my sister! I know that because I've been finding out about my Family Tree and I know a lot about my family.

Funky’s real name is Sarah, but we call her Funky because she’s, Funky! I’ve got lots of brothers and sisters and before I go any further I’ll tell you about them. There’s Funky - she’s the oldest; then there’s me, Chunky: Funky hatched half an hour before me. Hunky is the next oldest - he’s so big Dad thought he was a turkey; then there’s Munky - he’s always playing around and being naughty; Punky is weird and Gunky, the youngest, is very messy. We all live in a special enclosure at Chickenley Infants School, near Dewsbury and Leeds in Yorkshire. We are surrounded by houses, but we have plenty of space to run around in and when the children go home we sometimes get through a hole in the fence and run about in the playground and on the football pitch, but please don’t tell anyone. As you can see from our Family Tree, we’ve got two cousins, Esther Egg and Fred Egg. They live a few miles away and if I could fly properly, I would go and see them more often. Their Mum and Dad are Chicken Kev and Henny Penny and Chicken Kev is Mum’s brother. I’m trying to find out more about Gran and Gramps and Grandma and Grandad, but it’s not easy. Dad knows a lot and I keep asking him but he’s very busy. He’s very good at telling stories about our family; he knows so much, he’s very clever.

Dad says there was a chicken in our family many years ago who used to hang around with a man called Jesus, and he used to tell a lot of stories too, and I think Dad gets a bit confused about which stories are family stories and which ones are the stories Jesus told. One of my favourites is the one he calls The Good Samaritan, and it’s about a man from a town called Samaria, so he’s the Samaritan and it turns out that he was on a journey through very rough land, a bit like a rocky dessert. It was very dry and there weren’t any house for miles and miles. I think he had a donkey so that would make it easier for the man, but I pity the donkey because he had to carry all the man’s luggage, and the man when he got tired.

The story is also about another man; I think Dad said his name was Christopher, and he was travelling on the same road as the Samaritan to a place called Jericho. Just as Christopher got to a corner, by a big pile of rocks, a gang jumped out on him and mugged him. They beat him up, kicked him, took all his money and things, even his clothes, and left him to die. It wasn’t a busy road and it was a long time before Christopher heard someone coming. He was still bleeding and his body hurt so much where he had been beaten, he could not yell out.

When Christopher saw the man was a priest, he thought he would be kind and help him. Christopher lay there in the road and his heart sank as he watched the priest cross the road to the other side, keeping as far away as he could. Christopher was angry at first but he thought the priest probably didn’t help him because the religious laws said that the priest would not be allowed to do his duties in the temple in Jerusalem if he had touched someone else’s blood. A while later Christopher heard more footsteps along the road. 'This person will help me', he thought. But no. This man, Christopher judged by his clothes, was another religious leader and he did the same as the priest – walked past on the other side of the road. Then the Samaritan came along. There was a lot of hatred towards the Samaritans and when Christopher saw him, he did not expect him to help, but the Samaritan did stop. He cleaned Christopher’s injuries, bandaged him up and lifted him onto his donkey. The Samaritan remembered an inn he had passed, not far from where Christopher had been mugged, so the Samaritan went back there and told the inn keeper to look after Christopher and even gave him some money for food and things.

When Jesus had finished telling the story, he told the people listening that they should be like the Samaritan man and help others, even if we don’t know them, and even if we don’t like them.

You can see the story in pictures below. If you click on the pictures you will see bigger pictures which you can print and colour. They will take a moment to download and you will require Acrobat Reader on your computer. Return to the Razzmatazz viewers page for a quick link to the Acrobat website.


The man on the road to Jericho
The man gets mugged
The priest walks by without helping
Another religious leader walks by without helping
The Good Samaritan arrives with his donkey
The Good Samaritan takes care of the man
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Pictures drawn by David O'Sullivan.