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Munky Chicken and The Lost Sheep

Hunky Chicken's head gradually appeared from the gloom. "Hello. It's a bit dark in here. Let's switch the light on" he said. "That's better. Hello again; I'm Hunky Chicken. I remember seeing some of you last time, when I was talking about the seeds. How do you like Pete's A Hut?
This is where we all live. That's my bed under the window. Gunky, being the smallest sleeps above me. He's also the messiest and because he doesn't tidy up, all his things fall off his bed onto mine - I'm fed up with it. Funky and Punky sleep in the other beds behind me." He paused while he moved across the room. "Chunky and Munky sleep in those beds on the left and Mum and Dad sleep in the room through that door. It's a bit like Doctor Who's Tardis in here; it doesn't look anywhere near as big from the outside. Everyone is outside enjoying the sunny weather. It got so hot the other day, my feathers began to burn and curl up - it was a real scorcher! So I'm staying out of the sun for a while."

Hunky moved again, very carefully, "Chunky was talking to Dad about our family tree again last night and Dad came up with some interesting stuff. He said that Fowler, that's Gramps, was asked to act in a film when he was younger. He said he would, but only if his brothers and sisters could be in it too. He had more brothers and sisters than me: there was Babs, Bunty, Rocky, Ginger, Nick and Fetcher The film was about a runner who was chosen to run in the Olympecks but his race was planned for a Sunday and as a Christian chicken, he believed Sunday should be kept special so he refused to run. Dad thought the film was called Chicken Runner. The film was very popular and they made a lot of money, but Nick stole it and ran away. Fetcher disappeared at the same time - the family thought they had planned it together. Nick and Fetcher were not really part of the family - they were different somehow; not like the rest of the family."

Hunky turned gently around as his brother came in with a friend, "Hello Munky. Who's that with you?" "Hello Hunky" said Munky, "This is Frankie Drake: he's a friend of mine. He lives on the big
river about fifteen minutes away as the crow flies. But he's a bit slower than a crow, and it's
uphill all the way, so it takes him thirty minutes." "Munky told me I live near to where your Grandad and Grandma lived." said Frankie boldly, obviously not afraid of Hunky's size. Hunky tried to make Frankie feel at home, "What's it like down by the river, Frankie?" he asked. "It's not as hot as up here on the hill. On my way here I flew over lots of sheep - those poor lambs must be roasting in their woolly coats! And the dog I saw running round them, helping the man keep them all together must have been a very hot dog." Munky did not want to stay and chat. "Say Frankie, shall we go over to the classrooms and see what we can play with?" he interupted.

They very quickly made their way to the school and peered into one of the classrooms. "Hey, there's Mr O'Sullivan the art teacher. It looks like he's writing something on the board. Let's get a bit closer to see what he's doing." said Munky. Mr. O'Sullivan was writing a story on the blackboard:

Jesus told this story to people who complained that he was talking to vandals and criminals and people like that. The people doing the complaining obviously thought they were good people and better than the others. So to explain why he talked to these bad people he told a story.

Imagine you are a shepherd who has 100 sheep but when he counts them he sees only 99. "Oh No! One is missing!" he shouts, "I must go and look for it." So the shepherd leaves his dog looking after the 99 and searches for his one missing sheep. That must have been as bad as looking for a needle in a haystack. Imagine how glad the shepherd was when he found the missing sheep, all alone on the hillside and scared stiff. He ran over to the sheep, made sure it wasn't hurt and lifted it onto his
shoulders. He walked all the way back and put the sheep that was missing with the rest of the flock. After he had made sure they were all safe for the night, he invited his friends and neighbours to a party to celebrate finding the missing sheep.

Jesus explained the story: he looks on each of us as the lost sheep of his flock and every time one of us tells him we are sorry for all the wrong things we have done and ask him to forgive us, it is like the shepherd finding the missing sheep. And there is a big party in heaven, because everyone there is so happy that someone else will be coming to join them.

"Wow, that's quite a story. I wish my Dad knew stories like that." sighed Frankie. Munky replied proudly, "Dad's got lot's of them. The stories have been told in our family for years. Every dad tells his chicks and when they grow up and have chicks of their own, they pass on the stories. Dad says there was one of our family around when Jesus first told his stories." Frankie said, still envious of Munky, "That's amazing. I wish I knew that much about my family." He paused for a moment, " I thought I saw Mr. O'Sullivan preparing something on the whiteboard; I wonder what it is." It was a quiz which the chickens had prepared for the children. To see the questions click here. You can get the answers here. By the time Frankie had finished answering all the questions Mr. O'Sullivan had put up pictures he had drawn of the story of the lost sheep.

You can see the pictures below. If you click on the pictures you will see bigger pictures which you can print and colour. They will take a moment to download and you will require Acrobat Reader on your computer. Return to the Razzmatazz viewers page for a quick link to the Acrobat website.

Don't forget, when you have coloured them, write your name and age in a corner and send them to the Webmaster at the church and he will put them on the website for you.


The shepherd with his sheep
A sheep has got lost
The shepherd looks for the lost sheep
The shepherd carries the sheep back to the flock
The shepherd rejoices with his friends
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Pictures drawn by David O'Sullivan.