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Punky Chicken and The Gifts

“Hey Frankie! There's some children coming. Hide behind Pete's A Hut. They mustn't see a duck here!” said Munky as he saw two school children approaching. Frankie Drake agreed and rushed , as only ducks can rush, behind the chicken’s hut.

“Here, Chick, Chick, Chickens! Come and get your food!” said the girl’s voice. “Isn't it great, George, being allowed to come over here and feed the chickens! I love watching them pecking around. They are so friendly, you can imagine them talking to each other” she said to the boy who stayed behind her. “Don't be silly Yasmin, chickens can't talk! And we mustn't hang around today because we are already late for lessons” replied George.

As the children packed up and went back to their classroom, Munky gave Frankie the all clear. “They’ve gone now” she called. One or two chickens were out of the hut, pecking at the ground, eating the corn seed Yasmin had just thrown from her basket. When Frankie reached Munky he said “I had better be going. I told Mum I was staying over, but it is later than I thought. See you later, Munky.” “Bye” said Munky. Frankie started walking, then running, then as he flapped his wings his feet gradually left the ground and then he was flying – over the school, and out of sight. “I hope the children didn't see Frankie” thought Munky, “If they tell a teacher we could be in big trouble.”

“I don't think anything exciting has happened since last time. Hunky's feathers have healed from his sunburn, so he's a lot happier” recalled Munky. Funky Chicken looked up for a moment, wondering if Munky was talking to him, but she needn’t have worried. Punky strutted over to Munky, “You talking to yourself again, Munky?” “No, silly” Munky joked, “I'm talking to the Razzmatazz children over here. The school children have just brought our food for today. That lovely girl Yasmin, thinks we can talk. Wouldn't it be wonderful if she could understand our language, like we can understand hers.” “Speaking of girls reminds me, I must go and check out those hot chicks across the road, behind the church.” “Which chicks are those?” asked Funky, who had wandered towards the wall in her search for more food. “There’s a new family just moved in from down south. There's Korma, she's cool, and her sisters Ticker and Massala, they are really hot! They all live near the church.” explained Punky. “Which reminds me," continued Munky, “Dad explained a bit more about our family tree last night. He said his Mum's parents were called Sweet and Sour! The joke is Sweet was her Dad’s name and Sour was her Mum’s name. Dad also said that Mum has two more brothers besides Uncle Chicken Kev, and they are Bernard and Matthew and they look after turkeys in Norfolk.” Munky paused for a moment and because they were all talking about food, she suddenly felt very hungry. “I think I’ll join Funky over there; I’m feeling quite peckish now.” “That’s cool,” said Punky, “I’ll hang out with the Razzmatazz children for a bit.” and with that, Munky wandered casually over to near where Funky was pecking.

Punky remembered something that happened a few days ago; “Munky was pecking around for food the other evening, after the children had gone home, and the noise from The Crown Hotel across the road was getting louder because everyone was sitting outside. Then, suddenly Munky shouted "I've found some money!" We all rushed over to where she was pecking and there were five coins - they were all different and we don't know a lot about money so we don't know how much they were worth. It was very exciting! When we showed Dad, he went into story mode -

Jesus told a story about a man who buried some money. His boss was about to go on a long journey and told his servants to look after his property while he was away. He gave one servant some money, to another servant he gave a bit less money, and to the last man he gave even less. The man who was given the most immediately went to his bank manager and asked for advice on how to invest it. So did the second man, and they made the money earn interest. The third man was worried, because his boss was a fair man but very hard and the little money he was given would not earn much more so he buried it. After a long time the boss returned home and, of course, wanted to see what his workers had done with his money. The boss summoned his workers and asked them one at a time what they had done with his money. The first man told the boss he had invested it and during the time he was away, the money had doubled in value. "Well done!" the boss said, "I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share my happiness." The second man told the boss he had also invested his money and doubled its value. "Well done!" said the boss, "I will put you in charge of many things. When the boss asked the third worker he started trembling with fear. "I only had a small amount of money and knew it would not go far, so I buried it. I have brought it with me to give back to you." The boss was very angry. "What do you think I am? I gave you that money and trusted you to use it wisely. You should at least have put it in the bank to earn interest. You are useless!" The boss took the money from him and gave it to the first man. When Dad had finished telling the story he explained that God has given us all gifts and skills that we should use. Dad asked us how we would feel if we gave a gift to a friend and they hid it away in a cupboard. God's gifts are for us to use to help others. Frankie, who was staying over with us said that he had heard the same story earlier this week when Gregory Peck, a Canadian Goose, said it was like a person who studied hard, and worked hard to achieve much. Another person who was a good athlete, trained hard and won a silver medal. But a person who was clever and never tried to be better just wasted his life.”

Mr. O'Sullivan, the art teacher, has drawn some more pictures for this story. You can see the pictures below. If you click on the pictures you will see bigger pictures which you can print and colour. They will take a moment to open and you will need Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you haven't got it already you can return to the Razzmatazz viewers page for a quick link to the Acrobat website.

Don't forget, when you have coloured them, write your name and age in a corner and send them to the Webmaster at the church and he will put them on the website for you.



The boss gives his workers money to invest
One worker invested the money wisely.
This man trained very hard to improve his talent for running
This one made no effort to do anything with the money he was given.
One did very well, one tried very hard, and one did nothing.
The one who did nothing was sent away and punished.
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Pictures drawn by David O'Sullivan.